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Apartment Blocks

are at least to my experience one of the best investments when it comes to real estate investments.
If you can afford a block instaed of a single or a portfolio of flat, go for the block.
In my post “Why you should not buy a flat” you can read why.
The income is spread among a couple of renters and the income is very stable, in most (if not all) Berlin areas even growing.
In the right areas growing fast.

How to recognize a good apartment block

  • prewar instead of postwar, not only the house, preferably the whole area.
  • green is important, a park, trees in the streets.
  • good access to public transport is a plus, as most Berliners can drive a car but don’t own one.
  • urban is better than suburban, go for 5 storied housing area, supply here is limited.

Read on How to find and secure a block