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About us

What others say about us:

Joel Brostin, privat seller from USA:

?Alexander was hired to perform complicated real estate transactions in Berlin, Germany. He was dedicated, patient, trustworthy and highly competent. His mastery of English was a huge help in getting these overseas transactions completed sucessfully and I would highly recommend him to anybody seeking similar professional representation.? January 24, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Angel Nieto, of NIBER Realty GmbH, developer from Madrid:

?Alexander has been one of my closer business partners since I arrived to Berlin. He has a unique ability to focus on understanding and finding what you really looking for and get involved personally in the business. His professional and personal skills are uncommon. You can trust his criteria.?

We about us:

Alexander Korte My name is Alexander Korte, I am a German native and moved from Heidelberg to Berlin in 1994.

After the fall of the wall (in 1989) I saw the development of Berlin and have a deep understanding of the local property market.
I share my insights and knowledge with you on my Berlin Real Estate Insider Blog Reberlin.com.

I founded:

  • Alexander Korte Immobilien (a Berlin based real estate agency) in 1997
  • BerlinInvestment.com?(a Berlin based real estate agency, specialized in the needs of foreign investors) in 2005
  • AMLT Property Group (a Berlin based real estate developer)?in 2010
  • DCasa Real Estate GmbH (a Berlin based project management and?engineers?firm) in 2012

to assist international real estate investors in buying, selling and managing their properties or developments.

I am a licensed real estate broker since 1997 and specialized in:

  • income-producing residential real estate in Berlin, either for a buy-and-hold, or a split-and-sell strategy
  • land investments and developments for condos or rental housing in Berlin
  • selling of new or luxury condos in Berlin

When working with us you will have knowledgeable insiders on your side and we will find the perfect strategy for you.

Contact us by email or phone, we prefer the contact form below, as spelled email addresses for us non-natives is really hard to understand: