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“Buying an income producing apartment block or an office building in Berlin is one of the best real estate investments in Europe.”
(Investor owning 12 properties throughout Europe)

Why invest in Berlin?

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is a cultural hotspot of Europe. The proximity to the new eastern frontier adds a unique environment of future and progress: Artist, Student, and intellectuals mix with politicians and business people creating a one-of-a-kind environment in Europe.
Take a look at our Proprietary?Area Analysis of Berlin to get an idea.

Why work with us?

  • For real estate buyers: We help you to understand the Berlin market, determine which area is best for you to invest, find a property and help you with all aspects of buying your property. We are a full service real estate broker and property management firm focusing on foreign investors.
  • For real estate sellers: We help you to price the property and determine the selling strategy. We prepare the property of showings, market the property ?and most?importantly?introduce it to our network of?international?investors.

Read more in our Real Estate in Germany FAQ or request our free Berlin Real Estate market overview.?We are looking forward to hear from you.