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How to find relevant news about Berlin real estate market

as a foreigner it might not be that easy to find the right news sources for the relevant Berlin news.

Your main source should be the local press, as they reflect the current discussion quite could.
However a lot of journalist don’t really get the point why real estate investments are good for the city, so don’t be shocked by the communist or better anti-capitalist approach even by conservative newspapers.

Use a browser with built-in translation service like chrome of Google.

  • Tagesspiegel real estate site in German
  • Berliner Morgenpost (no subsite for real estate)
  • Berliner Zeitung (no subsite for real estate)
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    Daily News and Deals you can find at
    Thomas Daily (this is more for professionals and its covers all of Germany, but available in English)

    About the author: Alexander is a Berlin based property developer and active real estate investor and co-owner of a brokerage & advisory firm.